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Do you have an amazing idea for an art book? Or maybe you want to publish a catalogue, magazine or annual report? Our enthusiastic team will bring your story to life. We will turn your budding idea into a finished product. You could say that we do everything from a to z. We make sure that content matches design. 

A good book is an event in my life.
How does boooks work?

How does boooks work?

Creating a publication is always a tailor-made job. Always.

What about budget and quality? We keep these in check for you. That's because boooks thinks with the customer, assembles text and images and directs your publishing process.

Our personalised approach and an extensive network of designers, photographers, illustrators, editors, printers and bookbinders mean that your project is in good hands. 

What kind of books?

What kind of books?

At boooks, we bring your story to life. What does that mean exactly? Think about stylish product catalogues, programmes or thematic books, magazines, business gifts, and commemorative books. However, we do much, much more too.

Boooks is specialised in art and culture, in the broadest sense. We like to think with you about conceptual, content and design issues right from the very tender beginnings of your project.



Boooks focuses on publishing for businesses, art centres, museums, galleries, associations, cultural centres, government bodies and much more.

Boooks also offers support to publishing houses with project coordination, text and image editing and checking layout.

Collectors, artists or anyone who wants to eternalise their story or creations have come to the right place with boooks.

Behind the team

Behind the team

Sibylle Cosyn is the founder of boooks and has been active in the world of books for twenty years. As an art historian with degrees from the universities of Namur and Leuven, she did further training at the Prints & Drawings Department of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Sibylle then gained experience as an editor and content manager for leading publishing companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sibylle specialises in high-quality art books, exhibition catalogues and lifestyle publications.

Sibylle Cosyn devotes her heart and soul to the book profession. Whether the books are about visual arts, gastronomy, architecture, coffee or fashion. She is surrounded by experienced experts and carefully chosen specialists and stylishly brings any project to life. 

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